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Tuition Assistance/Scholarship FAQ

How does the school make decisions about tuition assistance?

Epiphany partners with FACTS, a private company that handles this process for a large number of independent schools across the country. The FACTS process provides an objective analysis of each family's financial circumstances. The methodology for determining financial need is similar to that used by most colleges and universities. This process considers taxable and nontaxable income, assets, liabilities, family size, and the number of students in tuition-charging schools or colleges. After allowances for basic necessities and taxes, remaining funds are considered available for education expenses. FACTS provides the “calculated need" for each applicant. The Epiphany Tuition Assistance Committee then decides how much of that need we can meet with our resources.

Should I apply for assistance?

All students at the school are currently subsidized approximately $1,000 per year by the Nicholas Sparks Foundation, which means that the cost of tuition is already substantially below the actual cost of education for every student.

While we would like to provide guidelines to help you decide whether to apply for assistance, each family's circumstances are unique. The most helpful guideline comes from your own knowledge of your family's finances.

Can you find a way, struggling or not, to pay approximately $700 to $800 for ten months for your child's high-quality education? If not, you may be a candidate for financial aid.

Will tuition assistance impact my child's chance for admission and/or re-enrollment?

No. At present, the determination processes are entirely separate. Families who have applied through FACTS will receive a formal offer from the school that takes into account their means (as established by FACTS) along with the tuition assistance available.

When must the tuition assistance forms be completed?

The forms must be completed by April 15. The school will make an offer for tuition assistance in the spring. Generally, this occurs by early May. Assistance for the new school year may be withheld from re-enrolling families who have not completed the required tuition assistance forms on time, who have not paid their account, or who are not meeting acceptable standards of academic performance or behavior as outlined in the Tuition Assistance Policy.

Will we get tuition assistance in the future and how much?

School families must reapply for assistance through FACTS every year. If the family's financial circumstances have remained the same, the school will make every effort to provide assistance at a similar level. If the family's circumstances change, the amount awarded will likely change as well. We cannot predict the number of families that will request assistance each year. To be safe, families should plan on their contribution either remaining the same or increasing slightly each year.

What forms must we complete?

Tuition assistance decisions will not be made until the entire FACTS process is completed. Families MUST submit hard copies of tax documents in order to verify the data that they submit in the online application. Submission of tax documents must be completed by April 15. Students must be enrolled or have accepted an offer of admission at The Epiphany School of Global Studies in order for our financial aid department to make tuition assistance decisions.

If I have other children attending other independent schools or colleges, must I apply for tuition assistance from those schools also?

Yes. FACTS assumes that a family applying for assistance at Epiphany will apply for assistance from all institutions their other children may be attending. The school does as well. If another school does not have a tuition assistance program, please note that in your application. In addition, we will ask for verification of assistance from the other schools.

In our family, only one parent works outside the home. Must both parents be employed to receive tuition assistance from Epiphany?

If all children in a family are of school age, we generally expect that both parents will work outside the home and can contribute financially to the education of their children. If a parent chooses not to work once all children are in school, we will estimate what that parent could earn and contribute toward tuition if he/she were employed.

I have decided to go back to school while my child is at Epiphany. Will it affect my tuition assistance?

We assume that a parent who is enrolled in school will continue to earn income and has arranged to fund his/her own education without reliance on family resources.

In a family with divorced/separated parents, will Epiphany still expect both parents to be part of the application for assistance?

Yes. We require that both parents complete the online tuition assistance application to provide a realistic picture of family resources. We are aware that circumstances differ widely among separated or divorced parents and urge you to contact us if such information cannot be provided.

I am planning to remarry. Will my new spouse's financial circumstances be considered in the tuition assistance allocation for my child?

Yes, the addition of another adult into a household can substantially change your financial picture. In our view, your new spouse's resources become part of the family's financial picture. We will ask you to complete the online application together, providing information pertinent to the new family arrangement. While we realize that changes of this sort can be emotionally difficult and require a period of adjustment, we must nonetheless collect the necessary information and documentation.

What will necessitate a recalculation of our tuition assistance award?

If a family is awarded assistance based on multiple siblings attending Epiphany (or other institutions) and one or more of the siblings does not enroll as planned, the family contribution will be recalculated based on these changed circumstances. If the school becomes aware of information suggesting that the family's ability to contribute is substantially different than previously determined, the award will be reevaluated. This reevaluation may occur at any time throughout the year, before or after an award is granted. Should it be determined that a family or applicant knowingly did not disclose significant income or assets, and that this failure to disclose resulted in a larger award, then both the award and the student's enrollment will be reviewed.

Can we get a “full ride"?

No, you cannot receive a full ride unless awarded a specific restricted-gift scholarship, of which the Admissions Committee has control. Philosophically, we believe that every family should make a reasonable contribution toward the education of a student in our school. We believe that any “investment" enhances the student's appreciation for the opportunity to enjoy an Epiphany education.

Do we accept the Opportunity Scholarship?

Yes, we are approved to accept students who have been awarded the Opportunity Scholarship. To see if you would qualify for the scholarship go to www.ncseaa.edu click on K-12 Grants and choose Opportunity Scholarship. There is a Household Income Worksheet for you to complete to see if your family qualifies for the scholarship.

Who can apply for the Open Door Scholarship?

The Open Door Scholarships provide need-based funding to students with proven academic excellence in order to expand the cultural diversity of The Epiphany School of Global Studies community for students in grades 6-12.

What is the RSA Scholarship?

The RSA Scholarship is a partnership between the Nicholas Sparks Foundation and The Epiphany School of Global Studies. If a student is awarded this scholarship, it will follow him/her throughout the K-12 education at Epiphany.

Who is eligible to receive the RSA Scholarship?

Incoming Kindergarten students who qualify for reduced or free lunch are eligible to apply.

How do I apply for the RSA Scholarship?

You must go through the same admissions process and mark "yes" on the application that you are applying for the RSA Scholarship. Contact the Admissions Department to get the scholarship application. You must also submit your most recent tax return.

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