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Admissions FAQ

What is the school looking for in prospective students?

The Epiphany School of Global Studies is looking for prospective students (and families) who support our Guiding Principles, along with our Academic, Faith, and Global Studies Missions. We seek well-rounded students who wish to participate in our athletics and arts programs, our clubs and leadership opportunities, and our service projects. We seek students who look forward to learning outside the classroom, whether in our local area or in foreign countries. We understand that no two students are the same, and we champion these differences, knowing that we as a community benefit from diverse interests and talents. The Epiphany School of Global Studies does not discriminate against applicants based on gender, race, color, ethnicity, or religion. While we are a Christian school that embraces the faith's core, we encourage and welcome students of all faith backgrounds—or none—to attend.

Do siblings receive special consideration?

Yes. Siblings of family members already attending Epiphany receive special consideration in admissions. We like to embrace entire families into our community.

Does The Epiphany School of Global Studies require testing?

Yes, we do require testing for admission in grades 3-12. Applicants in grades K-1 are given an age appropriate developmental screening to ensure readiness to begin school in grades K-1. The school is unequivocally a college-preparatory institution, and it is not constructive for a student to continually struggle. We are primarily looking for good fits—for both parties—when reviewing an application, but rest assured that well rounded means much more than simply grades. It includes outside interests and talents, desire and motivation, and a strong interest in participating in much of what the school has to offer. We consider all aspects of the submitted materials and not simply grades.

No prior Spanish instruction is required or necessary to enter into our immersion program.

How can parents get to know The Epiphany School of Global Studies better?

We strongly encourage you to visit by scheduling a tour at Epiphany in order to better understand our school community. Prospective families and students may also request the opportunity to visit the school for a Shadow Day. These visits allow you to experience firsthand our unique collaborative atmosphere and to envision what a day in the life of an Epiphany student would entail.

Is there a military discount?

Yes, there is a military discount for active duty families only. Active duty families will receive a 5 % tuition only discount and be exempt from the $1000 New Family Facility Fee. To qualify you must submit a copy of your active duty orders.

Does financial aid affect whether or not we will be admitted to The Epiphany School of Global Studies?

No, the Admissions Committee makes its decisions without regard for a family's financial aid needs. After a student is admitted, we then work with the family to determine their financial needs. Financial aid is available, but the maximum award is limited to 50% of the tuition.

When do students start to learn word languages?

We offer foreign language immersion in Spanish beginning in kindergarten through second grade classrooms through the Participate/Splash Language Immersion Program. True fluency takes time, dedication, and practice; therefore, we continue to emphasize Spanish as a core class in all subsequent grades. Beginning in third grade, the students will continue with Spanish, but not in an immersion program.

What if I don't speak Spanish and I'm applying to the school as an older student? Won't I be behind? How will I catch up?

Immersion currently ends in second grade. All other grades take Spanish as a class. Introductory Spanish is taught at all levels. Furthermore, additional tutoring and after-school help is available to students seeking additional support.

Is there an age cut-off for Kindergarten?

Our Kindergarten students are typically between the ages of 5-6. We rely on our Kindergarten admissions screening as well as other submitted application materials to help determine Kindergarten readiness. Students must turn 5 years of age by October 1 of the year in which they enroll in Kindergarten.

What are the regular school hours?

  • Primary Division students (grades K-2) begin their day at 8 a.m. and end at 2:45 p.m.
  • Elementary Division students (grades 3-5) begin their day at 8 a.m. and end at 3 p.m.
  • Middle & Upper School students (grades 6-12) begin their day at 8:15 a.m. and end at 2:55 for 6th grade and 3:05 for grades 7-12 with the exception of Wednesday morning with an 8:50 start.

Do you recommend a specific preschool in New Bern? The Epiphany School of Global Studies does not endorse nor recommend a specific preschool. New Bern is blessed to have many wonderful preschool programs to choose from and we welcome all applicants.

Do you have a Dress Code?

Yes. The dress code varies a bit with each division, and is intended for students to be comfortable, but appropriately dressed. For more information, please review the appropriate divisional Handbooks: K-5, Gr. 6-8, Gr. 9-12 Handbooks.

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