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College Advisory, Visits, & Placement Program

The Epiphany School of Global Studies is a college-preparatory school. Since the founding of the school, every graduate has enrolled in a college or university after high school; few, if any, schools in the country can claim a 100% matriculation rate. Our students are especially well prepared to further their education at first tier colleges and universities nationwide, having had the benefit of a rigorous curriculum and classes taught by dedicated and excellent teachers.

Admissions officers are keen to admit students who have demonstrated excellence and depth in a particular subject or activity, whether it’s calculus or violin, soccer or vocals, chemistry or creative writing, chess or photography. Our wide variety of cocurricular activities and clubs are designed to encourage students to dedicate themselves to developing excellence in a particular area.

At the same time, colleges are beginning to expect students to be fluent in a second language, to have significant international experiences, and to understand global issues in depth. At Epiphany, our students are immersed in a curriculum that not only graduates true global citizens, but also prepares students to flourish in any future field of study.

Epiphany’s academic reputation and its international character provide our students with knowledge of, and access to, highly selective colleges and universities. In addition, Epiphany offers sophisticated college counseling. Beginning in the ninth grade, each student meets with the principal of the Upper School and/or another faculty advisor to begin discussing various college options. At that time, students learn about the importance of maintaining high academic standards and are encouraged to develop specific interests that ideally match the specific character of their chosen colleges. The principal and advisors continue to meet with students throughout their high school years in order to monitor progress and make further recommendations as necessary. These four-year interactive relationships between students and college advisors give our students a competitive edge over institutions that offer college advising solely in the senior year.

Because a four-year college experience will be the next stepping-stone for your child’s future, we know that picking the right college for a student is often more important than simply picking the most prestigious one. For this reason, the school organizes college and university visits for students beginning in their sophomore year. As a general rule, students at Epiphany will have visited ten to twelve colleges and universities on school-sponsored trips before their senior year.

Furthermore, we require that all of our students prepare three to five college applications prior to the beginning of their senior year. This not only reduces the stress level of the process, but also allows time for further applications if desired. Each application is then thoroughly reviewed by the principal and/or advisors, who will make editorial suggestions on the essays as necessary and offer additional guidance. Every application is carefully vetted before final submission.

Once the applications have been sent, students are strongly encouraged to pursue merit scholarships at their schools of choice; Epiphany is exceptional in the receipt of student awards. On average, our graduates receive roughly $85,000 in merit (non–financial aid) scholarships because of the regard colleges and universities have for the reputation of the education provided at our school.

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