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Our Curriculum Partners & Programs

There are two modes of thought when it comes to designing a curriculum. One option is to create the curriculum, in its entirety, from scratch: the second option is to partner with experts or organizations in various fields and implement research-tested programs with long histories of success.

At The Epiphany School of Global Studies, we have chosen to do the latter. The following list includes the numerous academic partners with whom the school works, and it highlights the programs or guidelines that the school has implemented.

STEM Education Coalition

The Epiphany School of Global Studies incorporates the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition recommendations into its curriculum. Affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, the STEM Education Coalition provides comprehensive educational tools, guidelines, and professional development for teachers for the benefit of our students.

It is no secret that education in the United States is falling behind other countries in math and science. By partnering with the STEM Education Coalition, however, students at The Epiphany School of Global Studies are receiving an education that is considered in keeping with Best Educational Practices in these critical academic subjects. The school offers a wide range of science classes including, but not limited to, biology, chemistry, and physics. We have laboratories where students can conduct experiments, and we have field space where students plant or tend gardens. Our mathematics courses span from the elementary level through calculus, and our youngest studentsutilize the Singapore Math Method of study, which ensures scope and sequence in the overall mathematics curriculum.

In addition to incorporating STEM initiatives into the classroom setting, we also integrate STEM values outside the classroom. We have computer and technology labs, SMART Boards, and interactive learning stations to include with students around the world. In accordance with the guidelines established by the STEM Education Coalition, we emphasize hands-on learning. Our field trips to places such as the coastal North Carolina Outer Banks or the Costa Rican rain forests allow students to experience science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in action in the real world. Additionally, we encourage our students to participate in self-motivated learning at our annual science fair.

For more information about the STEM Education Coalition, see: http://www.stemedcoalition.org

Singapore Math

In 1980, the Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore (CDIS) was established to develop primary and secondary textbooks for use in public schools. Simultaneously, the Singapore Ministry of Education set new goals for mathematics education. The result, with numerous advancements and improvements over the years, is the Singapore Math curriculum of study.

According to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), students at each grade level should master particular “Curriculum Focal Points.” The Singapore Math program exceeds the recommended mastery levels with a curriculum that builds upon preceding levels at a slower pace than most math curriculums. Because students are given time to master the concepts instead of being rushed through, however, there is little need to reteach previous topics. Thus, students are well prepared to begin Algebra 1 in middle school.

For more information, please see: http://www.singaporemath.com.

VIF/Splash Language Immersion Program

“Splash language immersion classrooms are designed to allow students to become proficient in a second language while excelling in their core studies.”

—VIF International Education

To enable our students to achieve fluency in an additional world language, The Epiphany School of Global Studies partners with the award winning VIF International Education program.

Our partnership with the VIF/Splash immersion program allows our students to learn Spanish quickly and effectively. Beginning in kindergarten, teachers speak Spanish when instructing students in a variety of subjects. In other words, the students learn Spanish as a regular part of their classroom experience. Research has shown that learning a second language at a young age actually enhances a child’s right and left brain interaction. Compared to a single-language counterpart, the child who comprehends two languages is more likely to search for “out of the box” solutions; he or she is more open to complex problem solving and critical thinking; and he or she tends to have higher test scores and to score higher in all core academic areas. In addition, learning a second language at a young age increases native language (English) reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

The Epiphany School of Global Studies is the first and only independent school in NC to offer the VIF/Splash immersion program.

For more information on the VIF/Splash language immersion programs, please see:


For more information about the benefits of early second-language immersion, please visit:

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) at http://www.actfl.org.

The National Network for Early Language Learning (NNEL) at http://www.nnell.org/.

Asia Society

The Epiphany School of Global Studies consults with the Asia Society to develop familiarity with Asian culture, language, history, and current events. From its inception in 1956, the Asia Society has been dedicated to developing knowledge, forming relationships, and fostering understanding between Asia and the United States. It fulfills its educational mandate through a wide range of cross-disciplinary programming. The Asia Society’s programs address the effects of globalization as economies and cultures become more interconnected. The Asia Society works in partnership with experts to help develop curriculums and in-classroom programs for schools and teachers to address the effects of globalization.

For more information about the Asia Society, please visit: http://asiasociety.org.

EF Tours

In addition to setting up our own educational travel programs, The Epiphany School of Global Studies partners with EF Tours when appropriate. EF Tours is an organization that’s considered the world leader in educational travel. The school utilizes EF Tours when planning trips that dovetail with current areas of study. For instance, when studying the Incans, students at The Epiphany School of Global Studies may travel to Peru, or after learning about the Holocaust, they may journey to Auschwitz. The students go on trips that reflect the vast accumulated knowledge of EF Tours at significant cost advantages for students, as opposed to the school planning our own trips. With EF Tours, our students have traveled to nearly two dozen countries and have deepened their understanding of various cultures and traditions while engaging in humanity’s rich traditions, histories, and discoveries.

For more information, please see: http://www.eftours.com.

FuelEd Education

Through our membership in the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools, students at The Epiphany School of Global Studies have the opportunity to further their education with online courses offered by FuelEd Education. More than 140 courses are offered, all of which meet state and national standards. The courses are rich in multimedia presentations that aid in student learning, and the program also provides ongoing evaluations to ensure the student is mastering the subject.

For more information, please see: http://www.getfueled.com.

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