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Key Administrators

The administration at The Epiphany School of Global Studies plays a vital role in achieving day-to-day operational success as well as in propelling us toward our long-term goals. While the Headmaster and Director of Finance oversee large-scale strategy and planning, the principals of the Primary School, Elementary School, Middle School, and Upper School focus on achieving particular goals of students and teachers at specified levels. In close coordination with these leaders, our Directors of Global Education, Advancement, Community Engagement, Admissions, Athletics, and Learning Specialist work together to successfully broaden the educational opportunities for students at The Epiphany School of Global Studies.

Head of School - Dr. Dwight Carlblom

Dr. Dwight Carlblom

  • Position: Head of School
  • Email: dcarlblom@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: B.A. in History from Crown College, M.A.T in History from Mankato State University, PhD in Education from Capella University
  • Background: Dr. Carlblom spent 22 years at Dalat International School in Malaysia, 6 years at Crown College as the VP for Student Development, and 5 years at Gyenggi Suwon International School in Korea as the Head of School.
  • Educational philosophy: Dr. Carlblom believes that who we are is even more important than what we teach. Our example will impact more than our words.
  • Leadership Style: Dr. Carlblom is a facilitator. He finds himself surrounded by very talented people at Epiphany. His goal is to set them up to succeed. When they succeed, Epiphany becomes a better school.
  • Hobbies: He enjoys walking, reading, coffee shops, watching sports, and spending time with his grandchildren.
  • Fun facts: Dr. Carlblom was born and raised on a crop farm in Minnesota where there were only three students in his 1st and 2nd grade classes. He has lived in Korea and Malaysia for a total of 27 years!

Assistant Head of School/Director of Upper and Middle Schools - David Wang

David Wang

  • Position: Assistant Head of School, Director of Upper and Middle Schools
  • Email:dwang@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in English from Davidson College, and MSA from East Carolina University
  • Honors: Teacher of the Year, Rockingham County Schools; Coach of the Year (Soccer) 2000, 2001; Regional Coach of the Year 2000, 2001; Coach of the Year (Swimming) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015; NBCT-EAELA 2000–2010
  • Background: Teacher at East Forsyth High School, Teacher at Rockingham County High School
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Socratic Method
    • Collaboration
    • Facilitation
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentations
    • Strong Visual Focus
  • Learning styles: Mr. Wang relies on pre-assessments to determine students' academic levels prior to the start of a new year. He then incorporates grouping and tiered assignments, so students who progress faster than others will continue to be challenged. He also utilizes scaffolding and interactive assignments, and he encourages student-driven productivity.
  • Educational philosophy: Mr. Wang supports the idea that all students are unique and enter the classroom with different levels of learned and innate skills. As a teacher, mentor, and Assistant Head of School, Mr. Wang believes that it is important to meet students at their level and then to differentiate lessons and future learning accordingly. His goal is to teach students lessons inside and outside the classroom that will equip them well for college and life beyond.
  • Co-curricular involvement: Boys' and Girls' Swim Team Coach
  • Hobbies: Mr. Wang's hobbies include: swimming, running, ceramics, golfing, playing soccer, cooking, and gardening.
  • Fun facts: Mr. Wang has traveled to five of the seven continents and has owned over 100 bow ties in his lifetime.

Director of Admissions - Peggy Delano

Peggy Delano

  • Position: Director of Admissions
  • Email:pdelano@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Background: BA Communication-NC State University. Peggy spent many years in Corporate America in Banking.
  • Educational philosophy:
  • Cocurricular involvement: Peggy is very involved with the Visiting International Faculty program at Epiphany.
  • Hobbies: Travel, gardening, reading
  • Fun fact: Peggy was selected as " 2006 Teacher of the Year" for The Center for Financial Training of Southern New England. In 1997, she lead a training team for the largest merger in banking history, to that date

Director of Athletics - Skip Nitardy

Skip Nitardy

  • Position: Athletic Director
  • Email: snitardy@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: Holds a BS in Physical Education from the University of South Alabama
  • 21 years of experience with the YMCA
  • Head coach of the University of Maine’s Men’s and Women’s Swim and Diving Teams
  • Experienced certified swim coach

Director of Development - Brittany Spear

Brittany Spear

  • Position: Director of Development
  • Email: bspear@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education:
    Attended Virginia Beach City Public Schools K-12 where she attended Frank W. Cox high school. Brittany proudly represented as a student leader and served as captain of the women’s varsity basketball team. After high school, Brittany attended Barton College where she received a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting. She was fortunate to receive an athletic scholarship to play Center for the Lady Bulldogs.
  • Background:
    Following graduation, Raleigh station WTVD was home to Brittany while also working for Good Morning America. It wasn’t long before Brittany returned to Eastern Carolina to join NBC affiliate WITN- TV as NBC’s Bureau Chief for the New Bern area. Active in her church and community, Spear helps plan and execute the Vanceboro Strawberry Festival where she serves as the Director of Sponsors and Vendors. She and her husband Brian married in 2013 and have a two-year old son, Blake.
  • Hobbies:
    Brittany’s favorite hobbies would include a variety of DIY craft/projects, baking and gardening.
  • Fun Fact:
    Brittany stands 6'2, but not surprising considering her father was once in the Guinness Book of World Records for being one of the “Tallest Twins”.
    During College, Spear studied Spanish at the Universidad de Zamora in Mexico
    Brittany was the 112th Convocation Speaker for Barton College and the Recipient of the Young Alumni Award in 2014.

Director of Finance - Mary Lawhorn

Mary Lawhorn

  • Position: Director of Finance
  • Email: mlawhorn@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: B.S. in Business Administration and Accounting from University of Phoenix
  • Background: I have worked over 15 years in the accounting field ranging in industries from restaurants, non-profits, manufacturing companies and a public accounting firm.
  • Hobbies: I love to read, play co-ed softball and kickball, camping with my family and visiting the mountains. And I am a devoted soccer mom.
  • Fun Fact: While in high school, I wanted to be a nurse and loved studying anatomy & physiology and biology. However, during my high school certified nursing rotations, I kept passing out at the sight of blood…that is when I decided that I better change my aspirations to be an accountant.

Director of Global Education - Sandra Haddock

Sandra Haddock

  • Position: Director of Global Education
  • Email:shaddock@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BS in Psychology and Middle Grade Education from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia; M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Honors: Mrs. Haddock graduated Summa Cum Laude from James Madison University, and she received her Master's in Education with Highest Distinction.
  • Background: Mrs. Haddock spent several years in corporate America and in the government contracting field before becoming a teacher.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Lecture Based
    • Facilitation of Group Discussions
    • Plentiful Personal Feedback
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Group Work
    • Student-Led Class Presentations
  • Learning styles: Mrs. Haddock's approach to differentiation is best summed up in a quote from Carol Thomlinson of the University of Virginia: “The richest and most responsive classrooms are those in which responsibility for developing both the individual and the group is a shared endeavor. Thus differentiation is neither a thing the teacher does nor a way the child functions in order to improve his or her state of affairs. It is a learned way of thinking about 'being' that honors and contributes to the uniqueness and the possibilities of each person in the group, as it honors and contributes to the success of the whole."
  • Educational philosophy: Mrs. Haddock believes in providing a classroom environment that ensures the type of balanced learning that allows all students to excel. The key to this balance lies in Mrs. Haddock's overall approach to creating a classroom environment that encourages a student's love of learning.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Trent Park Traveling Tutors Advisor
  • Hobbies: Mrs. Haddock is an avid reader. She also enjoys traveling locally and abroad.
  • Fun fact: Mrs. Haddock lived abroad for three years during high school, where she attended the SHAPE International School in Belgium.

Director of Learning Services - Allison Forrester

Allison Forrester

  • Position: Director of Learning Services
  • Email:aforrester@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Educational Background: Duke University - AB Education, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - MEd
  • Background: Special Education Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, Excecutive Director of Childwatch, Inc., Senior Client Associate, Wells Fargo Advisors.
  • Hobbies: Ms. Forrester believes in the importance of discovering one's unique gifts in an emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially stimulating environment.
  • Fun facts: Ms. Forrester is a licensed General Contractor.

Director of Lower School - Michelle Grenier

Michelle Grenier

  • Position: Director of the Lower School, Grades K-5
  • Email: mgrenier@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in Elementary Education from University of North Carolina Wilmington, MA in Educational Instructional Technology from East Carolina University
  • Honors: Nationally Board Certified by NBPTS in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy: Reading and Language Arts
  • Background: Licensure in K–6 Elementary Education, K–12 Specific Learning Disabilities, and K–12 Emotionally and Mentally Disabled; Ms. Grenier has taught kindergarten, first, fourth, fifth, sixth, and K–5 Exceptional Children with Special Needs
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Demonstration and Modeling
    • Collaboration
    • Facilitation of Collaborative Structures
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentations
  • Learning styles: Ms. Grenier uses instructional methods that meet a multitude of learning styles. She encourages students to use specific organizational methods including calendars and planners, and she presents information both visually and through auditory methods. Additionally, she likes to color code materials and subject matter. Every day she varies instruction through lectures, individual time, partner learning, and small-group activities.
  • Educational philosophy: Ms. Grenier values student discovery. Her classroom is a student-centered environment where she serves as the facilitator of learning, championing the adage that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Ms. Grenier encourages lifelong learning in her students.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Elementary School Service Club Advisor
  • Hobbies: In her spare time, Ms. Grenier enjoys reading and cooking.
  • Fun facts: Ms. Grenier was formerly certified in SCUBA Search and Rescue. She has also been an extra in two movies.

Director of Spiritual Life - Ed Koffenberger

Ed Koffenberger
  • Position: Director of Spiritual Life
  • Email:ekoffenberger@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA in Psychology from Hampden-Sydney College. Master's in Divinity, Marriage & Family Therapy from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Master's Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.
  • Honors: Teacher Award and Grant Louisville Community Foundation
  • Background: Director of Spiritual Life at St. Mary's School in Raleigh, was Pastor for four congregations, chaplain for two psychiatric hospitals, co-created Montessori Middle School program, many years as a high school teacher and several years teaching in community colleges.
  • Preferred methods of teaching:
    • Lecture Based
    • Socratic Method
    • Circular Table Classroom
    • Formal Authority
    • Demonstrator/Modeler
    • Collaboration
    • Delegator
    • Facilitator
    • Provide Personal Feedback
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Group Work
    • Class Presentations
    • Primarily Visual Focus
    • Primarily Audio Focus
    • Other: Often the content of the course and student configuration determine the presentation style, so I've used all the above as one of my favorite teachers advised, "Whatever works!"
  • Learning styles: Ideally, I desire to touch all characteristics of the personalities before me: intellect, emotion, experience, and intuition.
  • Educational philosophy: Learning consists of the interaction of a student's inner dialogue with his/her exchange with the outer world. Education aids in clarifying, questioning, and building each student's life and world view. We are here to assist, challenge, and support this journey
  • Co Curricular: Advisor for Interact Club, Advisor/Director of Drama program
  • Hobbies: Reading, writing, staring at the water
  • Fun Fact: Loves to read poetry at Trent River Coffee Company, written and produced several play

Director of Student Life - Ryan Seeger

Ryan Seeger

  • Position: Director of Student Life (Trent Campus)
    Email: rseeger@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Education: BA History, Appalachian State University; MA Latin, University of Georgia
  • Background: Mr. Seeger was first inspired by the idea of teaching while working as a camp counselor at age 19 at Camp Sea Gull in Arapahoe, North Carolina. Combining his expertise in working with children and his love for antiquities, he chose to become a Latin teacher. He spent four years teaching Latin, Ancient History, and English at an independent school in Raleigh where he eventually became Deputy Headmaster. Thereafter, he became the Youth Director at the Chapel Hill–Carrboro YMCA, leading 25 youth counselors and 200+ day campers in After-School and Summer Camp programs. He missed teaching so much during his years at the Y, however, that he found a teaching position at Epiphany. Since arriving at Epiphany, Mr. Seeger has immersed himself in Epiphany's academics—teaching Latin, ninth-grade writing, and tenth-grade Independent Study and Research.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Mr. Seeger formerly served as the Athletic Director, and has advised many cocurriculars. He has led student trips abroad.
  • Educational philosophy: Mr. Seeger loves to lead students in front of the classroom. He balances structure and excitement in his classroom, incorporating traditions and ceremony to keep students engaged and wanting to return to class. Mr. Seeger also believes that the classroom environment must also be rigorous, rewarding student ambition and excitement with real challenges. He embraces the mantra that “Excellence is a choice."
  • Hobbies: Mr. Seeger's hobbies include watching classic films, collecting music, watching college sports, and playing with his sons.
  • Fun facts: Mr. Seeger has always owned at least one dog. Also, he began his college career as an art major.

Director of Technology - Bobbi Jo Kelly

Bobbi Jo Kelly

  • Position: Director of Technology
  • Email:bkelly@epiphanyglobalschool.org
  • Background: Vice President of Sales for a computer integration company in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • Cocurricular involvement: Cheerleading Coach
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